Some Stats that you should know about the Iphone App Market

business-man-climbing-up-blocksWe all know that the iphone app market has been growing like crazy since it launched….   We want to help keep you up to date on the amazing growth of the app store….  Here are some quick #s to keep you up to speed on the growth of the market:

  • The app store has been open for just over 9 months.
  • There have been over 1 billion apps served.
  • There are over 30 million devices sold (between the iphone and itouch).
  • There are over 35,000 apps available on the itunes store.
  • The average iphone user downloads over 20 apps (some say more than 40)
  • In the first month there was over $30 million transacted on the app store.
  • The app store is growing quicker than itunes.
  • Number of app users is growing at about 10% per month - Comscore

Source - AdAge

Who Owns the SmartPhone Market? 2008 Market Share by Phone and Operating System

Gartner Research recently released Q4 and 2008 global market share reports for smartphones, both by device and by operating system.  The results might surprise you.  Especially when you see who is and isn’t growing.

WorldWide Device Sales

Gartner Worldwide Smartphone Device Sales for 2008

Gartner Worldwide Smartphone Device Sales for 2008


  • RIM Blackberry continues extremely strong growth.
  • Nokia is is sharp decline.
  • HTC continues to have strong growth

WorldWide Operating System Growth

Gartner Worldwide Smartphone Sales to end User by Operating System for 2008

Gartner Worldwide Smartphone Sales to end User by Operating System for 2008


  • Symbian is declining quickly due to pressure from new platforms and the decline of Nokia (which uses the Symbian OS).  Share is down to 47 % from 62% in 2007.
  • RIM continues to grow, now at 20% of market vs. 11% in 2007
  • Android smartphones are estimated to account for 20% of all Linux OS sales, making the Android OS a relatively small global player.  Linux sales are growing quickly (up 19%) primarily driven by Anroid-based smartphones sold through T-Mobile.
  • Microsoft Mobile is growing driven by popularity of the Samsung Omnia and HTC touchscreen products.

So What?

One of the key issues with fragmentation in the smartphone Operating System market is that it creates issues for app developers.  Currently different versions of apps need to be created for each OS - companies aren’t going to hire hundreds of programmers to program each OS.  ZDNET predicts that Android and Windows Mobile are likely to get pushed out of the picture.

That doesn’t mean it’s time to count other platforms out. Andrew Lacy, chief executive of Tapulous, said he expects the Google Android, Palm Pre, Nokia, Windows Mobile and RIM BlackBerry platforms are all likely to see good growth in the coming year as smart phones replace older phones at a fast clip. But Lacy said it will become much tougher to support other programs if it means hiring a couple of hundred programmers to adapt games to run on all of the other platforms. - Venture Beat

Stats on The Iphone App Market

General Information

  • Iphone is now in over 80 countries
  • Goal was 10M iphones in 2008. Sold 13.7 in 2008.
  • 17Million Iphones from June 2007 to December 2008
  • have sold over 30M units with the IPhone OS (Iphone + Ipod Touch)
  • Over Now have over 800M app downloads in 8 months

The iphone sales growth chart presented by apple

The iphone sales growth chart presented by apple

Iphone App Dowload Growth Graph Presented by Apple on March 17, 2009

Iphone App Dowload Growth Graph Presented by Apple on March 17, 2009

Iphone Developers Stats

  • 800,000 dowloads of the Iphone SDK
  • Over 50,000 Iphone Developer Program
  • 62% of developers are new to apple
  • The App Store levels the playing field – even individuals can create games and compete with big companies.
  • There are over 25,000 Apps in the app store

Iphone App Developer Experience Graph Chart presented by Apple on March 17, 2009

Iphone App Developer Experience Graph Chart presented by Apple on March 17, 2009

App Approval/Submission Process is Easier

  • In February 96% of apps submitted were approved
  • 98% were approved in 7 days or less

(Source – Apple Presentation March 17, 2009)

An Overview of the New Iphone OS 3.0 Software


On March 17 Apple Launched the next generation of the iphone OS 3.0.

For Developers:
- Iphone SDK allowed developers to use the same tools that are used internally via the SDK.
- 3.0 is the new generation of the SDK
- It includes more than 1,000 new APIs to make apps easier to develop and increase functionality.

New Functionality

Enhancements to App Store

Subscriptions - Like for a magazine

Additional Levels - Sell game levels from within the game

New Content - To be sold within the application.  Can sell an application or add-on in an app.  For example; sell a book app and then individually purchase books within the app.

- Developer sets the price

- 30% commission to apple

- Paid Monthly

-Paid Apps Only

- Free Apps Remain Free - Can Never Buy Anything in a Free App

Iphone City Guide Image - Sample Iphone OS 3.0 App

Iphone City Guide Image - Sample Iphone OS 3.0 App

Support for Peer to Peer Activity

When you pick multi-player iphone will bring up a standard panel that will show all of the other players within range that have that application open.  The Features Include:

  • Automatic discovery
  • Bluetooth powered (don’t need to join a wifi network)
  • No Pairing - Seamless for the developer and consumer
  • Not Just for Games - Can be used in any Peer to Peer application


Enable accessory developers to create specific applications that integrate with the accessories.  This could be extremely powerful as the iphone becomes a control device for the hardware.

Potential uses for this technology could be huge.  The iphone can now talk to accessories (even wirelessly) and control the hardware through apps.  Imagine a blood-pressure checker that synchs up to your iphone and reads and records your blood pressure over time.  This is powerful stuff.


Apple has worked with google to build a google maps interface into the apple.  Developers can now integrate the heart of the maps integration via a public API into their app.  The maps can be embedded directly into any other app.

  • Embed Google Map Service
  • Pan and zoom
  • Custom annotations
  • Current location
  • Geocoding

You can now use the core location to build turn-by-turn directions into your app.  The only catch? You have to have (or licence) your own map software.

Push Notification

Apple admits, it is late to the game in launching this service.  They now have scalable push notifications that can be built into apps.

Apple still won’t have background processes (where you can run an app in the background while your phone is on).  Why not?

  1. Battery Life - Running background processes will drain the battery quickly.  In testing, running one background app reduced the standby time by 80% or more.  The push notification standby onlu reduced the batterly time by 23%.
  2. Performance - The background apps slow-down the app being run in the fore-ground.

3 Types of Notifications you can push:

  1. A badge - shows how many items are waiting for the user.
  2. Audio Alerts - Customize a sound for your app.
  3. Text Altert - Uses the SMS platform.

These notifications will scale for all of the third party services that want to use the iphone.

Other New API Features

  • In-App Email - an email sheet that you can use right from your app.
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Ipod Library Access - Can be accessed through the phone.
  • Streaming Audio and Visual
  • Shake API will be Public
  • In-game voice chat

Engadget has a great overview of the capabilities and limitations of the various operating systems.  Check it out here.

See what the analysts are saying over at macworld.