ComScore Releases Top 25 Iphone Apps - Games More Popular than Social Networks

Comscore released a list of the top 25 apps and their market penetration (ie. what % of iphone owners have downloaded them).  Surprisingly, over 1/3 of iphone users have downloaded TapTap Revenge.  Games are proving to be the most popular download for iphone users - surpassing even social network app downloads.

Popularity of Categories

  • Almost 50% of the top apps are games (12 out of 25)
  • Entertainment is the next most popular category (4/25 top apps)
  • Social Networking is third most popular (3/25 top apps)

Social Networking Popularity

  • 26% have downloaded facebook followed by 23% for myspace and 19% for aim
  • Twitter apps do not appear on the list - potentially because there are a number of apps for twitter (whereas myspace and facebook have an official app).
  • Iphone users are 3 times more likely than average to visit social/communication/ entertainment sites including: AOL IM, Hulu,,, iMeem and

Iphone Usage is Largely Personal, Not Business

A look at the top iphone apps underscores that iphone usage is primarily personal vs. Blackberry usage, which is primarily business related.  Games, social networks and entertainment make up the bulk of the downloads, with the remainder being entertainment related

The Comscore Top 25 List

    Top 25 Apps by Penetration of Apple App Users
    February 2009
    Total U.S. - Home/Work/University Locations
    Source: comScore Apple App Store Report

    Application         Installs Category            Developer

    Tap Tap Revenge        32%    Games             Tapulous, Inc.
    Backgrounds            27%    Entertainment     Stylem Media
    Touch Hockey: FS5      26%    Games             FlipSide5, Inc.
    Facebook               26%    Social Networking Facebook, Inc.
    Pac-Man                24%    Games             Namco
    iBowl                  24%    Games             SGN
    MySpace Mobile         23%    Social Networking
    Google Earth           22%    Travel            Google Inc.
    Labyrinth              22%    Games             Codify AB
    Pandora                21%    Music             Pandora Media, Inc.
    AIM                    19%    Social Networking AOL
    Flashlight             19%    Utilities         John Haney
    Virtual Zippo Lighter  18%    Lifestyle         Moderati Inc. and Zippo
                                                    Manufacturing Co.
    Movies                 18%    News              Flixster
    Hangman                18%    Games             Jamsoft
    Bubblewrap             18%    Entertainment     Orsome Software Ltd.
    Lightsaber Unleashed   17%    Entertainment     Lucasfilm Ltd
    Shazam                 17%    Music             Shazam Entertainment Ltd.
    Mazefinger             16%    Games             ngmoco
    Cube Runner            16%    Games             Andy Qua
    Sol Solitaire          15%    Games             Smallware LLC
    Crazy Penguin Catapult 15%    Games             Digital Chocolate Inc.
    Topple                 15%    Games             ngmoco
    Sudoku                 14%    Games             Mighty Mighty Good Games
    Remote                 13%    Entertainment     Apple

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